How Does it Work


Landmark’s work begins with a creative and engaging consultation with the client to understand the design, needs, wants, tastes, and an overall vision of your dream home. Whether it is meeting with the client, client's family & friends, or even collaborating with contractors, interior designers, we’re here to help you make your dream come true by articulating a vision and turning it into reality.

Your initial consultation includes:
  • Site Details
  • Design Aspects
  • Project Scope
  • Finishing Preferences
  • Specific Needs/Wants
  • Rough Measurements
  • Budget Estimate


Landmark’s experienced and knowledgeable team will turn any client's vision into a detailed plan consisting of specifications, and creative solutions that provides the best fit for a clients prospective project.

The design stage of your project includes:
  • Formal Measurements (on-site) and assessment
  • 3D drawings and a conceptual floor plan
  • Colour palettes (Hundreds of colours to choose from)
  • Cabinetry style, interiors, colour and finishes
  • Accessories selection
  • Hardware options
  • Pre approval stage
  • Changes & Adjustments
  • Final approval stage


Landmark’s reputable builders hand craft, assemble paint, and join wood products using timeless techniques that new technology can never come to par with. However our experienced builders still augment the top of the line technological advancements still being ahead but never forgetting the roots.

Landmark is proud to have a in house warehouse in which clients are able to see their vision come to life, Landmark thoroughly enjoys when a client is engaged in the process and can see the craftsmanship in a firsthand experience.

The production stage of your project:
  • Production
  • Finishing
  • Client Visitation
  • Site Visit
  • Quality Control
  • Last minute changes in regarding accessories such as handles, knobs and faucets


Landmark’s reputable and long term experienced installers are true professionals when it comes to installing your dream project.

The installation process includes:
  • Installation
  • Quality Control
  • Site Visit
  • Hardware Install
  • Activated Warranties
  • Follow Up Visit
  • Staying in Touch

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