About Us

Landmark Kitchen Concepts is a custom kitchen cabinet company that provides homeowners with fine cabinetry that will last a lifetime. Inspired by the years gone and the years to come, Landmark prides itself in the diversity of design elements and craftsmanship excellence. For over 15 years Landmark has strived to create a diversified team along with having state of the art technology without forgetting it's hand crafted roots. This result of the company’s strong backbone allows for Landmark Kitchen Concepts to create bespoke spaces that can fit any of our clients wishes.

With strong diversity, Landmark Kitchen Concepts has expanded and has became a company under the umbrella of Luxor Group of Companies. With the initial company being Landmark Kitchen Concepts and with the extensive experience and knowledge, Landmark Closets has been segregated with only displaying high quality and functional closets. Luxor Accessories Inc. was also born in which high quality kitchen accessories can be acquired to accompany Landmark Kitchen Concepts and Landmark Closets. Lastly Luxor Developments Inc, which ties all of our home improvements to create and build ever lasting quality custom homes.

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